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Arcade Games category found some interesting facts about Pacman. Pacman is originally comes from Japan, created by comapny Namco, now called  Namco Bandai. Pacman was released in 1980 , Japan. Once the game was released it became SUPER popular. During 1982 it became number 9# in the pop singles TOP10 selling millions of copies. Tou Iwatani was the guy who created the game during 18 months. Originally it was named pakku-man , which was inspired by a Japanies  fraze paku-pakutaberu, which ment a sound coming out of the mouth when opening and closing it rapidly. It’s also thought that Pacmans shape was inspired by a pica which is missing a peace. So, this is all the Pacman history that Arcade Games presented you.

Arcade games – Pacman valdymas ir patarimai:

 During the game you’ll control a little yellow thing, that looks like a pica through all kinds of mazes trying to eat all the dots in your way. Having all the dots eaten you’ll be transfered to the next level. Four ghosts know as:  Blinky, Pinky, Inky ir Clyde will be flying around the maze trying to catch Pacman. Don’t let them touch you because you’ll lose one life. Having all the lifes lost your game is over.
In all four corners the are special dots called  energizers which will enable special Pacmans ability to eat ghosts. As you eat the energizer all the ghosts start moving in a different direction and become transparent. They also become much slower. Once Pacman eats the ghost its eyes come back to the fence . The energizer efect doesn’t last long. As the ghosts turn back to normal they start blinking in white color.  Once you eat the energizer in higher levels it will only make the ghosts move in different direction.

Pacman game has 256 levels;  3,333,360 is the most point you can earn. The only way to collect this much points is having all the dots, fruits, energizers and blue ghosts eaten without losing a life through all the 256 levels. So, this is all the advice Arcade Games can give you. 

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